Swapnopuron Welfare Society – A Glimpse

Located along the serene banks of River Ichhamoti, this picturesque village Katakhali is in Hingalgunj in the South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal. Connected by rail, roadways with a bonus boat ride across the river, Katakhali is approximately 80 km from Kolkata.

Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society is a non-profit community based organization, registered under the Govt. of West Bengal Societies Registration Act. KSWS offers various activities to the local children, youth and women with the aim to bring about a change in their socio-economic conditions and progress towards self empowerment. Further, to enable the local community to learn to live with dignity, self reliance and harmony. In order to achieve these objectives, KSWS emphasizes on holistic education including awareness of healthy living, hygiene and fitness. The Society offers vocational training programs to, particularly, facilitate self-help and employment opportunities.. KSWS runs the school, “Swapnopuron Shishu Shiksha Niketan” with the aim to fulfill the needs of its immediate community. “Swapnopuron” in Bengali means ‘fulfillment of dream’ – an apt name for the mission of KSWS indeed.

The villagers are of meagre means with almost no scope for employment, except self-help. The primary occupation of these people is ‘bidi’ making. Malnutrition, due to extreme poverty poses innumerable health hazards to the young and old alike. Therefore educating their young is almost a luxury for the populace of this quaint village. However the determination to fight and overcome all obstacles is strong amongst these very people of Katakhali.

Motivated and strengthened by the indomitable spirit of the hardworking and earnest villagers, likeminded individuals came together in 2011 to give shape to the noble mission and alleviate their socio-economic condition. A gap in education, proper sanitation and medical facilities, amongst many such basic amenities enjoyed and taken for granted by most of us, leave a glaring disparity across society. The villagers are hapless in the face of such challenges. They need support and encouragement to fulfill their dream to live a meaningful and productive life.

You can make a difference.


KSWS values the individuality, innate creativity and latent potential of each person. It understands that nobody should be left behind - and that each one has the need to be successful in whatever she or he wishes to do in life. The activities of the Society aim to provide basic education, vocational training programs, and raise awareness about health through relevant events and camps. It also aims to promote the spirit of compassion amongst the local people and help them to embrace differences with a sense of understanding towards all.

Its mission is to foster a supportive, creative and caring and environment with particular emphasis on the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development, so that they grow into responsible and humane citizens of our beautiful world.


To fulfill the dreams and aspirations of local villagers who do not have any access even to the basic necessities of
life …